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Prudentials 2016/2017 LGBT Financial Experience explores a range of changes following the year-ago landmark Obergefell decision and since the companys groundbreaking 2012 survey. Those changes have provided reason to celebrate, but there is still much work to be done. Among the highlights: Prudential surveyed LGBT Americans in all 50 states during April and May to better understand their household dynamics, financial situations, listen to their fears and concerns, and to gain insight into their spending habits, including whether they are saving money or planning for retirement. Since the June 26, 2015 Obergefell decision, many surveyed are more concerned about broader economic forces hindering their ability to succeed financially, than about LGBT-specific rights issues. The survey highlights notable differences between generations, between singles and couples, and between those with or without children. The number of married gay, lesbian and bisexual couples has doubled since 2012, changing many of the communitys financial needs. But the survey found that wage equality, workplace security and housing rights issues still cast a shadow on the communitys ability to attain true financial security.

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